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How to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash?

  1. Contact us by phone (773-382-8717 ) and we’ll give you an instant quote.
  2. Tell us when you want your vehicle picked up.
  3. We Pay You Cash on the Spot.

Just bring your drivers license, keys, and the vehicle title.

No title? No problem, you’ll receive a “Bill of Sale” for your records.


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Get Cash for Your Junk Car Chicago IL

Now is the absolute best time to sell your junk car. We happily offer cash for junk cars Chicago plus pay a high price for your car, truck, or Sports utility vehicle.

Auto recycling in Chicago Illinois is a huge aid to the financial system. We help take outdated (typically more polluting autos) out of circulation and recycle materials to be made into different autos or merchandise. It’s far better for the natural environment and the overall economy to recycle the materials than go through the steps involved in mining, refining, and production.

Call us now. You’ll be glad that you did.

How to Know When you ought to Get Rid of your Automobile

Your current auto no longer continues to be an asset to you and rather becomes a liability when:

  • Expense to repair and preserve is higher than vehicle’s actual value.
  • It has little or no worth in terms of trade-in
  • It has numerous issues that you don’t want to give to someone else.
  • You do not want to go through the hassle of placing an advertisement in the newspaper or on the internet to find out if there is anyone who may still consider it specific its repair needs.
  • It has been sitting way too long in your garage and you require room for a new automobile.


Selling Your Junk Car – The Process

Presently there are a couple means of carrying out this: the old-fashioned method or the contemporary method. The ancient way entails driving about chicago to look for local junkyard locations or checking out the neighborhood classifieds section for businesses that will purchase junk cars. Look for ad headings like: “cash for junk cars, we buy junk cars, sell my junk car” etc. A simpler and more convenient way is to use the internet to search for prospective buyers of your junk car. Use Bing and google and type in the search bar “cash for junk cars in Illinois” for instance, and then you would be able to get a list of companies in the area that will be prepared to purchase your vehicle. And hopefully you did. And with any luck , we ended up at the top of that list :)

The process of selling your vehicle to an auto salvage yard is reasonably straightforward. All you have to do is give us some basic information about yourself and then the automobile you wish to sell. Give the year, make, model, trim level, mileage, body condition, engine condition, indications of exterior or internal damage etcetera. We could also inquire about the background of the vehicle … if it was destroyed in a vehicle collision, deserted, left within your garage for a long time or have experienced various serious flood damage … that type of stuff. Once we have the important information, we will then give you a competitive quote.

Hidden Costs?

Plenty of junk car businesses use a lot of concealed “gotchas”. Minor charges which will mount up and make selling your vehicle to them significantly less profitable. We don’t do this. We don’t have extra fees – no hauling charges, no administration fees
zilch. We just want to buy your vehicle for a good price without having hassle or tricks.

Junk Cars are Worth Good Money

A specific list of requirements is the basis through which your current car’s true worth is determined. As soon as you’ve supplied the details we require over the phone, we can quickly verify the details when we get your car or truck. Once you have accepted the quote on the telephone, we will set an appointment in chicago IL for the fast removing of your car or truck from your house. We’ll dispatch a truck to get the car usually in just a few hours of your first call. We give payment instantly. We collect automobiles in any condition. Even so, you ought to let us know if you think that your junk car can not be hauled by a traditional tow truck and requires alternatively a wrecking crew to do the job. In the event that you’ve got a variety of cars that require auto removal, that is not a predicament either. All for you to do is let us know the number of autos you wish taken away so that we can include all of their value on the quote we’ll provide you.

Do you have to have a Title or Registration?

Having the title is preferred but not a requirement. Other proofs of ownership are accepted. Just ask your friendly junk car operator about other documents we accept. They can help you with this at the time of the quote by phone.

Before You Sell Your Junk Automobile

Prior to removal of the vehicle from the property, go over its contents and remove all personal belongings still left inside. Search in the glove compartment, the floor, below the car seats as well as in the trunk and any other area where you might have left anything of value. It is not uncommon you could come across several missing stuff in there like cash or Compact disks.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that phone, call us now and get a free quote.

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